Weight Loss Program

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight at Ageless Mi MedSpa. Our professional and dedicated staff have researched many effective weight loss programs and supplements. We are here to provide the support you need to lose weight and keep it off.


Our hCG weight loss method is a medically designed protocol that results in fat loss while maintaining muscle mass. We follow the protocol developed by the late British physician Dr. ATW Simeons who devoted much of his life to finding a cure for obesity.

The program consists of a 3 phase protocol using small amounts of hCG, a hormone found in the body, to stimulate the body to burn excess fat cells. When combined with a short term calorie restriction, the body is able to burn the abnormal fat that is responsible for obesity and is typically in hard to lose areas such as the belly, hips, and thighs. This protocol is designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely and re-sets your metabolism to keep the weight off. Dramatic results are seen within the first week.

Nutritional Supplementation for Weight Loss

We offer physician grade supplements and functional foods that are formulated from high quality, contaminant free ingredients and manufactured according to strict guidelines. The products have proven specialty ingredients for weight management such as:

Chromium – for sugar and insulin regulating properties

Green Tea – for increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite

B-Vitamins – for a healthy thyroid

L-Glutamine –  and essential amino acid to boost metabolism and fat burning

Hoodia – for appetite regulation

Phaseolamin – a starch blocker

Orinthine alpha-ketoglutarate – provides energy for muscles

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